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Second part of the ASPER series, recordings of improvisation sessions at the bar UDO, Paris.

On the A side, Centenaire presents itself from the outset as the super-group of a French independent scene (some of the members work under the names of My Jazzy Child, Orval Carlos Sibelius or Domotic…) These veterans of folk or electro dream of themselves as a chamber orchestra and end up, in total cohesion of their instruments (charango guitar, bass, drums and electronics), by giving real meaning to the expression “sending wood”.

On the B side, the super group is a single man, the Berliner Guido Mobius, armed with his guitar and his pedals, whose pieces are built in a spiral and end in a syncopated and communicative groove. The loops seem to have a life of their own to end up making the stiffest dance.

Two visions of improvisation for a record of fierce instantaneity.