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GROWWING PAINS - 17 Songs About The Same Girl LP

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"This album's title is not a joke: Hamtramck, Michigan's GROWWING PAINS have written a debut album's worth of songs all about one special lady. (Though according to Urinal Cake head Eric Love, they initially wrote 22 songs about her.) Whoever she is, she's quite the muse—this album is completely great. Growwing Pains' sunny melodies, use of keys, and powerful delivery recalls the manic joy of the Barbaras. There's something frantic and desperate about the tone of songs like ‘Tonight.’ Then, after a full album high energy rock songs, things comes to a comparatively gentle finish with the jangling hum of ‘Ellen's False Teeth.’ Since there's a firm concept in place, the song titles offer a glimpse into the stories within: ‘Toothpaste,’ ‘Call Me Up,’ ‘Turn Off the Lights,’ ‘Misogynist,’ ‘Break Up.’ All 17 songs offer catchy, diverse melodies."—Evan Minsker, Pitchfork