GRIND DxCxPxSx - birth of reason TAPE + pin

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It was hard to find a good description, but here is something that we let Google translate from japanese! THANK YOU!

Dominate the core of the rainbow current Kanagawa
● key guy alone grinder Naked Apron

The jacket erotic cartoonist coming (Irregular Komikkumugu being published) of Mr. Shiro Tsubaki newly written ten! !

Well, few of your friends live Okkina Takeshi desperate mood, naked dive GOGO! ! Is a masterpiece
Meet here now! !

Feeling starting like this. There have twists and turns up at my convenience Chot Significantly delayed the release, finally I get? ! Jacket, it is also really great content recommendation? Mere cassette, or how much can mere? Stubbornness is an article that covered the poor! !