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GRATITUDE - s/t LP (col. vinyl)

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Repressed on white w/ mix marble vinyl.

Gratitude was formed in 2003 by Mark Weinberg (originally of the band Crumb) and Thomas Becker (originally of the Get Up Kids). Initially called the Collision, the band was joined by Bob Lindsey on bass and Robby Cronholm (also formerly of Crumb) on vocals. After touring in 2002 with New End Original, which featured Far alum Jonah Matranga and Jeremy Tappero, Cronholm left the band and was replaced by Matranga. When Matranga joined, the band changed their name from the Collision to Gratitude. After picking up Matranga and changing their name, Gratitude signed to Atlantic Records. The group picked up Tappero as second guitarist before going into the studio. After Becker left the band in the middle of recording the record, drummer David Jarnstrom joined the band before the release of their self-titled debut album (Becker and other session musicians fulfilled the drum role during the recording of the album).