GRAPHIC LATIN - Vatican Laundry 7"

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Graphic Latin from Bandung, Indonesia. Released via Heaven Punks, 2019 as CDR.

"here's a little bit story behind this new/old project of mine: i think Knurd Hamsun and St. Ennui will no longer exist due to this and that—you know the reason. but i've been recording this four tracks EP since December last year (and one song in June) and actually i'm having a love/hate relationship with the result. but shit, i never think thoroughly about how people gonna react to my songs because i don't really care either. so i think fuck it, i'm gonna release it anyway.

and one thing for sure, i know since the first day i record the song, i want it to be released on Heaven Punks! Tiok is the best and only candidate that i think will handle my records in the best way it could ever be. no gimmick, no exagerate promotional move, i know he'll treating it in the most purest way. thank god he said yes. and by that i owe him a lot.

and yeah, if you're into minimal wave/minimal synth like Deux, Grauzone and/or Detriti Records' biggest fan, you'll be familiar with this.

Mirza P. Wardhana"