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GRAF ORLOCK - Doombox 10" + CD

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Reissue of a 6-track EP from Southern California's Graf Orlock, recommended to anyone into fast and tight HC/grindcore. The included CD contains 'Doombox' plus the band's 'Destination Time' trilogy, compiling 42 tracks of their 2011-2014 output, all packaged in a fold out boombox measuring 30x10x6 inch. The line-up features members of Greyskull, Arctic Choke, Ghostlimb, and Dangers.

Alright. Finally this piece of shit is out, featuring a 10" worth of new material based on the complexities of urban disparity, and a cd containing the Doombox 10" songs plus the last three trilogy records. This, I shit you not, is 42 songs of Gorlock madness spanning the last 4 years of mindless wandering through the cinemagrind ether. If you care to look at the image, this comes in a handsome foldout boombox, completing a new staple to your bedroom feng shui, and guaranteeing that you misunderstand what this thing will really look like.