GNOD - live at roadburn LP + CD

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Limited Pressing of just 300 copies worldwide! CD Only Bonus Tracks: "Man On The Wire" & "Entrance" Special release to celebrate GNOD as artist in residence on Roadburn Festival 2017.

"Fuelled by maverick spirit and fearsome willpower, GNOD have released dozens of full-length albums, CD-Rs, cassettes and short run releases, each seemingly materialising from the ether, as the band, revolving around key members Chris Haslam and Paddy Shine, is shrouded in mystery.

Always thought-provoking and political oppressive, with a mercurial power and fiery intensity that could come from no-one else, GNOD will play four shows during their residency at Roadburn, and following in the footsteps of Circle, Justin K Broadrick and The Heads among others.

Paddy Shine commented: "Gnod live at Roadburn at Het Patronaat in 2012 is definitely one of the biggest highlights of our ten years of constant flux.

To be invited back at all is a big big deal for us; to be invited back as 'Artist in Residence' in 2017, on what will be the tenth anniversary of the birth of Gnod, is an absolute honour.

Gnod Bless." Recorded at the prestigious Roadburn Festival 2012 at Patronaat, Tilburg. Mixed and mastered by Marcel van de Vondervoort at Torture Gardenn Studio, Oss.