GLÜME - The Internet LP (Blood Red Vinyl)

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Produced by Italians Do It Better boss Johnny Jewel, Glüme's debut is the expected buzz of retro electroid vocal-led pop - one for fans of Desire, Sally Shapiro or Chromatics.

Glüme hasn't had an easy road to stardom - she knew she wanted to be a star when she was just a child, and after early dance lessons and a litany of auditions she scored roles in a number of movies. But she wasn't exactly what Los Angeles was looking for, and after shock spell in hospital she was diagnosed with Prinzmetal Angina, a rare heart disease - she figured her career was over. Chronically sick, Glüme began to play out her life on the internet, making music on a laptop and microphone with her friend Huntington and living vicariously through Instagram and TikTok. When she noticed a "submit demo" button on the Italians Do It Better" she knew she had to send her tracks, and quickly got a reply from the label - next thing she knew, Glüme was working with Johnny Jewel and developing her demos into full tracks, recording music videos and rebuilding her life as the self-styled "Walmart Marilyn Monroe".

The music itself is a silvery, toybox musical take on the usual Italians Do It Better electroid romance template. Opening track 'Arthur Miller' is a curveball, anchored by Glüme's theatrical vocals and cinematic strings, but from there the music begins to sidle into more familiar territory. 'What is a Feeling' is peak JJ material and wouldn't sound out of place on any of the label's "After Dark" comps, but 'Nervous Breakdown' is edgier, poppier and begins to punch into more unexpected areas. The particularity of Glüme's voice is the album's most interesting facet, and standouts like 'Body' and the gritty 'Get Low' succeed by balancing her post-Marilyn sweetness with gritty saw wave synthpop in a way that sounds multifaceted.