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GLOAM - Hex Of Nine Heads 2LP

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Gloam are a band that we here at Gilead Media have had our ear and eye on since the release of their 2012 demo, which was quite an impressive initial offering. They’ve only become more captivating as a band since then, and when their 2015 debut full length Hex of Nine Heads came along as a cassette release on Caligari Records (limited to 175 copies) its force was undeniable. This is an album that simply requires the vinyl treatment, and we're very pleased to be the ones to help with that. 

The combination of black metal atmosphere and exceedingly creative musicianship on Hex… yields an hour of some of the most compelling black metal we’ve come across in years. The song writing potential that was hinted at on Gloam’s 2012 demo and 2014 cassette, Vanquished (Eternal Warfare), is now fully realized and pushed to the precipice.

"With Hex of Nine Heads, Gloam has matured in that perfect way everyone hopes a band does between the “demo/EP” phase and their first full-length album. The almost standard, albeit passionately and precisely executed performance found on Vanquished and the preceding demo has been violently thrust into a more atypical, progressive realm. Weaving between the alarming and disjointed, which is very new territory for Gloam, to much more heavily voiced, borderline contemporary classically-inclined melodiousness, Hex of Nine Heads’s calculated approach definitely deserves a good pair of headphones (or just headphones in general) to fully appreciate its nuances. With the immediacy of a young Opeth, we find Gloam plowing through near-constant variations on ideas, utilizing a much more linear, non-structured approach to songwriting, never fully re-iterating a riff so much as rebuilding Solomon’s Temple again and again. For an hour-long album, it can definitely get strenuous without any sort of reference other than your watch, but the dense creativity is evidence of exceedingly strong musicianship." - Invisible Oranges