GLITZ - It’s glitz LP

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GLITZ is a San Francisco rock group featuring members of PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS, APACHE, HUNX & HIS PUNX, IMPEDIMENTS, LENZ and WILD THING. Having spent years in the aforenamed bands, the guys in Glitz sound like they simultaneously embrace and disregard their name. On their debut album, It's-Glitz, they combine glittery bombast, bubblegum harmonies and muscular riffs into a sound they call "street glam." The LP contains eleven tunes from their songwriting triple threat—all featuring the bright production of CHET "JR" WHITE (Girls, Spectrals). Every song is a clever reimagining of power pop and pub rock: a soundscape where guitar histrionics and blitzkrieg drum fills blend effortlessly with sugary hooks.