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GLITTER - Ancient Rome LP

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Over the last two decades, as the guitarist for the Skywriters, the Snow Fairies, Men in Fur and more, Jayme Guokas has carved out a small and quirky vestibule for himself in the church of twee pop, influencing much better known bands as Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Literature. With the Skywriters having recently gotten the discography treatment from Jigsaw Records, and the Snow Fairies about to climb aboard the indie nostalgia express, it's time to check out Jayme's latest project, Glitter. Joined by former Snow Fairy Melissa Kramer, Glitter's second LP is a heron's nest of lyrical strangeness wrapped around smart pop hooks under a warm, woolen blanket of ethereal guitars, keyboards and harmonies. Drawing on the work of paleo-indie guitar bands from Television to Felt to Teenage Fanclub, while still keeping a toe in their twee past, Jayme and Melissa may have finally painted their masterpiece with Ancient Rome.

300 pressed on gold vinyl.