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GIT SOME - same 7"

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Denver’s Git Some are back with a new three-song 7-inch—seven minutes of blistering rock perfection recorded and mixed in their practice space, and mastered by the lovely and talented Bob Ferbache in Elktooth, Colorado. This collection of material was written over the last few months and is available just in time for a big 21-day tour of the eastern USA and Canada (14 dates with Converge!).

Emerging from underneath loud-as-fuck blasts of noise, the band’s driving, angular punk rock thrusts unexpectedly from all directions. Their live show is a testament to the catharsis that is Git Some. A schizoid, heavily-bearded vocalist takes the reigns of the ever-accelerating, ever-destined-to-perish-in-flames rock ’n’ roll vehicle. Peals of feedback disseminate to relinquish a big beat: an intense rock / punk / hardcore sound, while completely their own, gives the listener subtle clues as to their roots.