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GHXST (pronounce GHOST) is a dark artrock trio from New York City formed in 2010 by Christopher James and Shelley X after disbanding their previous gothic noise band. Drummer Nathan Gray left school in San Diego a few months later to join the new lineup, adding powerful live percussion to the band’s stylish and chaotic sound.
The group cites musical influences including the Velvet Underground, 90s grunge, and the Knife while also finding inspiration in cult fashion and film.
Their debut EP, ‘Evil’s Wasted On You’, came from a collective nostalgia for an alternative spirit. Disappointed by soft and overhyped indie bands, C. James and Shelley X wanted to write songs that once again felt dangerous and passionate. Self-produced in Brooklyn, the five songs feature aggressive noise riffs, dark synths, and violent existentialist lyrics.
In early 2011, GHXST released a follow-up EP, ‘No Rest For The Wicked’. Mixed by James Aparicio (Mute Records, DiscError Records), the six songs feature a more bluesy, fuzzed-out sound. Inspired by southern gothicism and the cinematic west, the EP explores themes of resistance, rebellion, and death.
Evil Wicked Desire compiles both EPs