G.GREEN - Funny Insurance 7"

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“While we're waiting for this Sacramento powerhouse's debut album, Crap Culture to emerge later in 2012 thru another savvy imprint, here's a couple of songs that didn't quite make it onto that masterpiece. "Borne of the same twisted, fertile West Coast scene that produced Sic Alps, The Hospitals, Eat Skull, and Burning Yelloswan among countless others, Sacramento’s G. GREEN operate on a simultaneously unusual and community-spirited plane. The band—a core boy/girl duo with a rotating cast of helpers—have already released a handful of limited EPs and singles on several labels. Musically, G. Green share a common lineage with the greats—The Ramones, The Buff Medways, Velvet Underground, The Stooges. Their punchy hooks are buried under torrents of righteous fuzz and wailing tremolo solos; their dark and visual lyrics are near-indiscernible amidst vocalist ANDREW HENDERSON’s whiskey-shot yelps; and their dirty basslines and snappy drum lines hold together driving rhythmic momentum. This is such a painful description I can't even be bothered to look up where it came from. Seriously, The Stooges? Might as well throw the Godz, ELO and and The Swell Maps in there while we're at it.”