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gentle friendly is a pair drawn together in harmonious pursuit of this relationship between noise and pop, conflict and comfort, aggression and ethereality. david plays keys and provides the vocals that sit just below the surface; daniel plays drums and organ, responsible for both the percussive incessancy that characterises passages of their material, and its counterpoint tones of enveloping warmth. 'ride slow' is their debut album the culmination of well-received adventures in limited-run releases, the most prominent being 2008's 'night tape' ep on no pain in pop. peckham, south london is where gentle friendly craft their art, shaping creations invisible to the eye but perfectly apparent when lids close and analysis of superstructures ceases. listen beyond constituent pieces to embrace a whole that is far greater than simple summary outlines: that they employ feedback; that some of their equipment could pass for antique; that they probably own an animal collective record (even if comparisons began after they'd properly heard them). influences, gentle friendly have them, and inevitably some are detectable. yet this is a band unafraid to shift their perspectives, to realign their intentions. so while they can move you physically one second, the next they're able to move you in a wholly different way, as a banshee shriek fades into a lovelorn sigh and drums fall silent to allow an analogue pulse to present itself to the fore - organic, honest, real. everything is as live - sampling culture eschewed in favour of tape loops and effects boxes. as such gentle friendly's sound is oddly evocative of the past, of both post-punk scratchiness and early minimalist pioneers like reich and eno, and entirely contemporary. they are isolated within a field of young, ambitious musicians daring to do something different: not exactly alone, but far from being part of a scene. for fans of: animal collective, abe vigoda and fuck buttons. on upset the rhythm.