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Generacion Suicida from Los Angeles are returning with their first new album in four years and fifth album in total. The band is one of the most productive and hard working punk bees we've seen since the beginning of this millennium and we are yet again pleased to be part of their story with "Regeneracion".

Recorded and mixed by Tony, bands guitarist and vocal, this album retains everything about their trademark sound so far and that is some proper raw, melodic and catchy punk rock sung in Spanish but this time with a splice of a post-punk swagger thrown in for a good measure, which is a logical progression and evolution from the sound from their last full-lenght records "Reflejos" and "Sombras".

"Regeneracion" was fully written during the Covid Lockdown of 2020. 2020 was also the year where it seems people decided that they had had enough. Enough with state oppression, enough with police violence, enough with systemic racism and white supremacy. All these feelings and more bubbled up and bled out into these tracks. While there were moments in life that feel bleak, we know that the people in our community are resilient and strong, and it is for them that we wrote these songs."