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GAMES - Little Elise / About Me 7"

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As if you hadn't already had enough good times to last you a lifetime, Atlanta-cum-Brooklyn's finest power pop band, GAMES returns with a knockout second single after the waves of adulation from their debut LP laid waste to the hordes of second-class pop attempts littering the countryside. Executing pure pop such as the caliber that Games delivers on a consistent basis calls for a depth of influence that reaches far beyond the typical touchstones, so it's no wonder that one of the heads of Sing Sing Records is writing these classics, not to mention, an ex-member of two of the finest bands of the last two decades, BUSY SIGNALS and CARBONAS. Here, Games delivers two more modern classics that sound so refined, you'll swear you've heard these songs somewhere before in your subliminal consciousness. Completely devoid of any trashy attempts at the commodified "corny-framed sunglass garage pop," Games rips through the chaff and carves out two more reasons to feel alive, with a sparkling production touch from none other than DAVE RAHN, and now employing Atlanta's head of good times, BARRERACUDAS’ WARREN BAILEY on guitar, it's just another essential part of your Summer soundtrack.