GAD WHIP - Post Internet Blues LP

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First full-length vinyl for this UK-based (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) band, who previously released (in 2017) a stunning 12" on NYC-based label EVER/NEVER RECORDS. Their Art-Noise-Rock and Post-Punk sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the SLEAFORD MODS with the legacy of british bands like the SWELL MAPS and THE FALL, and... if you're in doubt about my words, here's a perfect write-up, including a video for one track on this LP: https://whitelight-whiteheat.com/new-music/wl-wh-track-of-the-day-gad-whip-goat-bag/


Limited edition of 200 copies

housed in a reverse-board printed sleeve, with a double-sided insert and download-code included