Dull Tools

FUTURE PUNX - I’m So Inspired LP

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The latest offering from Brooklyn's preeminent post wave ensemble. “Dull Tools is the record label run by Andrew Savage, of Parquet Courts, and Chris Pickering, of Future Punx. Next month the label will put out the first Future Punx EP, I’m So Inspired, on 11/11. This follows two 7-inches from the synth-centered 5-piece, one of which was a split with Parquet Courts. Sonically, the two bands draw from different corners of the post-punk spectrum, but their attention to intricate lyrics and sprawled-out deadpan deliveries are points of common ground. Along with the announcement of their new release, Future Punx also have a new video for “Spike Train”, a meditation on dreams, perception, and positive thinking. The video is dark and shadowy, with quick-moving bursts of light and color, much like the song itself. Check it out below, along with all upcoming Future Punx dates.”