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To understand the future of horror, one must look at the present. And to understand the sound of Future of Horror, one must listen not only to the now, but look around at what surrounds it. It’s a stylistic and philosophical approach applied by the new electronic music duo, composed of co-vocalist and lyricist Vanessa Matic and co-vocalist, songwriter, and producer Joey Camello (Fearing, Death Bells), who together release their self-titled debut EP on November 19 via à La Carte Records.

Surrounding the EP’s unveiling are equal points of intrigue: A music video for “Funny Games” is set for November 2021, followed by a live performance at the in-demand Substance 2021 Fest on November 28 at The Belasco alongside Nitzer Ebb, Chelsea Wolfe, HEALTH, John Maus, Choir Boy, and others.