FURTHER REDUCTIONS - "Decidedly So/Not Unknown" 7"

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Brooklyn, NY's Further Reductions have been building up a reputation around town for a while and we finally have some vinyl to show it off. Working with electronic instrumentation but not limited
to electronic influences alone, 'Reductions are carving out their own niche of sad, beautiful pop music.

"Thru the gates of forever and into the frozen vapours of Mannattan's minimal electronic monolith in the night, Further Reductions, Shawn O'Sullivan (of Led Er Est knowings) and collaborateur Katie Rose are weaving a web of reverberatory wonderment. One of not just a few of the minimal synth couple outfit armies to emerge from New York's ever living and breathing clan of the same epithet, this masculine/feminine dream drone dichotomy's synthesized incantations drift like gleaming analog jewels of dark incandescent dance dew. Voices with the echoes of youth sung wistfully into in the well and steeped in the myst of minor discord float inside Familiar Flights." -La Maladie Tropicale