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ft (the Shadow Government) - guns of august LP

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ft (The Shadow Government) formerly know as "Flaccid Trip" have set to music the sounds of a new area of military governments and the cries of the people they rule. Recorded by Mike Lust in Chicago and by FT the SG in Iowa City at flat black studios. "Guns of August" is a sonic call to arms that incorporates all styles of music in its attempt to break down genres and topple governments. FT the SG's band members read more like a list of old war veterans with members of: Ten Grand, Forstella Ford, Tornavalanche, and Head of Femur. Also, inlisted for this recording were: Nathan (call me lightning), Connor (shedding), and Bob and Zach (tornavalanche). With plenty of fire power behind them FT the SG is armed to restore order to music and the rest of the world. Wake up sheeple!