FREE TIME - Kool Toad / Great Music TAPE

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Free Music/Kool Toad is William Statler who grew up in the Twin Cities and kicked it in a few bands before transplanting to call Seattle home. Some mutual friends and Twin Cities connections along with William sending us a demo in the mail started the process towards working together and this release taking shape. The demo we got from William was one of those exclamation points that rarely turns up in the mail and instantly impressed. Free Music is eclectic but focused musically, riding a bit of an outsider thread and mutating strains of techno, acid house, and various synth pop strains into something totally unique upbeat and pop music memorable in the best ways. This release is meticulously crafted with utmost variety and consideration towards detail but is generated largely from improvisational methods. Beyond being a friend and artist we are working with Williams music is some of the best being made in the contemporary context and we are excited for what hes cooking up for the near future.