Stoned To Death


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Freddy Ruppert (FORMER GHOSTS, THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I) returns with "The Inner Room", an album that transcends the conventional horror genre, focusing less on moments of explicit violence and more on the haunting, tension-filled interludes that linger between acts of terror and tragic loss.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating world-building of faux film soundtracks, it recalls the eerie and elusive ambiance of cult classics like Barry Adamson's "Moss Side Story." However, "The Inner Room" is far from a typical soundtrack – sounding more like a disorienting lo-fi unearthed bootleg recording of a film's eerie score captured directly from a vintage TV screen. "The Inner Room" delves into a realm of ambient horror, echoing the soundscapes of 1970s and 1980s Italian horror films, 70s giallo, and American 80s neon synth slashers. In this evocative soundscape,

Ruppert crafts a world that's at once familiar and unsettling, as if it's been lost in the mists of time or faded from memory like a hazy, half-remembered dream of a film. Blending samples, found sound, field recordings and analog synthesizers, it creates an atmospheric tapestry of dread and unease. These 17 tracks serve as a portal to a bygone era of cinematic nightmares, of fear and fascination. A world where the line between reality and the macabre blurs, and the dread of the unknown is constant.