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FRANK HURRICANE - Holy Archives Vol. 1 LP

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"Numbered, limited edition LP with hand-made covers featuring a very detailed stencil of Frank's face. Compiles some of the best of his early cassette and CDr recordings, including the first known versions of songs he later recorded in a proper studio, and which he typically stretches out into 30-minutes or more live. If you haven't seen him before, you really need to. Frank Hurricane, a.k.a. Hurricanes of Love, is an unstoppable force of nature, a crazy hippy griot, and a personified shit-eating grin all stuffed into one large meatball sub. With multiple albums under his belt via Feeding Tube Records we decided the world needed better access to some of his super rare, early cassette recordings -- which were in editions of 50 or fewer-- dating from when he first set out on the road singing and telling stories and spreading hilarious mayhem (we even hand-made the LP covers to match the spirit of the original homemade cassette art.) This is the first in a planned multi-part series of numbered limited editions of early Hurricanes of Love music. While the "freak folk" label is still accurate, some of these recordings sound a lot more traditional than you might expect? songs that usually get drawn out into 30-minute long tall-tale-ragas are here concise 3-minute fingerpicked haikus, like an Appalachian Bert Jansch, or an acid-inspired Jackson C. Frank. While the sound is sometimes a bit rough (Frank used whatever cheap cassette recorders he had) the music shines through, and will make even casual listeners say 'wow. . . who the hell is this guy?'"