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Francisco Franco are a trio originating in Philadelphia, playing instrumental music for two guitars, bass, and electronic rhythm tracks. The group started as a duo of Rob Francisco (who plays solo industrial noise as M Ax Noi Mach) and Matt Franco (from Allentown noise group Air Conditioning), who wanted a creative outlet for more melodic, less abrasive musical modes. After recording some demos, they added Nate Davis (who also plays as Unchained) on bass, and began composing songs of simple guitar lines intertwining over the bass’s harmonic foundation. Influences such as the first Microdisney LP, The Durutti Column, and ‘70s library records may be heard, but crowds at recent shows have made comparisons as diverse as Neu! and Dick Dale. This is new wave elevator music: melodic, minimal, and extremely listenable. Two cassettes of demos have been released by Silvox Recordings, and their debut LP is out on Matt Mondanile’s New Images Limited label.