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FLASH TO BANG TIME - Lead Balloon 7"

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The name FLASH TO BANG TIME refers to the amount of time that passes between seeing the light from a nuclear detonation and actually hearing it. The occurrence is a natural visual-aural disconnect, but for the band, the visual and aural go hand in hand. It’s not quite synesthesia, more like trying to make a movie soundtrack. Flash to Bang Time has been floating around Athens for nearly ten years as LINDA STIPE’s post HETCH HETCHY and OH OK project, but 2010 / 2011 will be the year that folks outside Athens discover this mysterious band. It's super tough to pin them down to one sound as they can go from ambient drone cello based numbers, to a rocker, to bubblegum pop , and back to acid test within just a few numbers. This 7-inch also features LINDA HOPPER of MAGNAPOP, HOLIDAY and OH OK on guest vocals. Limited to 300 copies in silkscreened sleeves. Comes with digital download.