FITZ GORE - Soundmusication LP

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“Soundmusication” is the third and final album by Jamaican born tenorist Fitz Gore, another rare and beautiful spiritual jazz LP from the late 1970s. “Fitz had a very deeputopian faith in the right music, which could change the world and develop a real condition of peace, because it was supposed to move people`s feelings and actions to spiritual truth. He was convinced that music owned the healing power of the world” (Ulrich Kurth). Other players include Lukoki Mampasi on electric piano, Obama Ngomo on bass, Emmanuel Dipanda on drums or Gil Nguema on guitar. They really open the door to let the leader do such amazing things on his horn. First reissue remastered in 2022, comes with original artworks and the bonus track “Gisela (Lion Rock)”.

“Greetings. Soundmusication is my third Long Play Record. Audibles hereof are self-attesting. Earlier emissions are traceable on GorBra Records - two LPs and one EP - the Talismen. Here are four musicians Africaine, one North American (renown bassist, Wilbur Little), one Italian, one Spanish, one Dutch and I (Jamaican). Let the appropriatives of this circle go as they will. Barco Salida. Farewell.” (Original sleeve notes by Fitz Gore).