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FAKE BABIES - We Started Blues LP

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Fake Babies was born from the soft pink minds of Justin Roberts and Robert Nuzzello Jr. in the summer of 2007. After spending the first year exploring new sounds to trigger their buried emotions, the original Babies were joined by Gary Velush and Jay Sirianni to live and breathe the massive sound that Fake Babies is today. Together they provide explorative dirty soul for the living and barely living in the east coast of little ol’ America, just waiting for the rest of the world to hear and understand. When standing still, Fake Babies reside in New Haven’s premier DIY venue, The Submarine, where they sporadically host touring and local acts as well as deeply bangin’ dance parties. Babies have shared the stage with Yeasayer, Indian Jewelry, Light Asylum (DJ), These Are Powers, Nite Jewel, Kingdom (DJ), Suckers and Dead Meadow. ***12" LP, CD Included, 300 Press Run, Hand Numbered***