FAIM - Hollow Hope LP (col. vinyl)

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"Hollow Hope" is a new ten song full length of the fast, angry and political punk/hardcore you've come to expect from FAIM. Recorded in February of 2020 by Jack Shirley in Oakland, CA at The Atomic Garden, this record showcases the band at their most realized, forward moving and aggressive. The ebb and flow of the record sees FAIM at their most dynamic while never losing site of the roots that got them all into punk in first place.

The album feels like it has been written for the current state of the world because it has. Never afraid to push the envelope, the album is lyrically poignant, flush with socio-political commentary, the willingness and ability to educate while always acknowledging there is still so much to learn.

The band reminds everyone to keep fighting, keep pushing forward, stay in the streets, keep the pressure on.