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EZRA BUCHLA has been active and influential in Southern California's music scene for years. He's gone from fronting the spazzed-out rock group The MAE-SHI to collaborating with Erika Anderson (the artist currently known as EMA) to create the sultry yet uneasy project GOWNS. Now he's broken out on his own to explore new territory. This is his vinyl debut and his contribution comes in a nearly five minute soundscape lead by viola, synth, and his unique vocal styling. It's both chilling and unforgettable. WHITMAN is arguably an equally influential figure of the Southern California wasteland that has continually been performing and releasing recordings for the past ten years. He has worked and collaborated with some of the most intriguing players California has to offer. The likes of Carla Bozulich (Evangelista), Henry Barnes (Amps For Christ), Anni Rossi, Erika Anderson (EMA), just to name a few. This split follows hot on the heels of his last full length, Dog Rose Gall, which Buchla produced. His contribution is a slow and eerie crawl of guitar strum, cello, and haunted vocals. Limited to 330 copies with handmade packaging.