EXIT - Hierarchy Of Line LP

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Brand new project of MISCALCULATION / SACCARINE SOUVENIRS' man of the hour - Mr. Palumbo himself! This time the Brit fades away deeper into the gloomy abyss of synth-based postpunk than ever before. And despite the great BLACKNESS which is all around on this platter, there are a lot of pop-structures going on, too! With EXIT Londons´ punkrock superstar walks down the lane good ol´ GARY NUMAN and ADRIAN BORLAND built in the late 70s and DIGITAL LEATHER´s SHAWN FORREE rediscovered with "Monologue" and "Blow Machine" a while ago. Wavy beats, dancy darkness and yes, also those ´77-influenced vocals which Palumbo (lucky for us) just can´t shake off.
HIERARCHY OF LINE is the missing link between TUBEWAY ARMY, DIGITAL LEATHER, THE SOUND and THE GAGGERS you always wanted, but were too afraid to ask for!!