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I must have been around the age of 10 when I first entered Napokania. I found myself there while listening to 60s and 70s music from my father's vinyl collection. I loved to spend time with the melodies of musicians such as Otis Redding, Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan.

While relaxing on my father's familiar sofa with his favourite lamp aglow beside it and my mind deeply involved in the song “Break on through” by The Doors, I began to feel my temperature rise. I was getting hot, real hot. I opened my eyes to find the sofa had grown and changed into a dry and arid landscape and the lamp like the sun, so bright beating down on me.

I looked around and despite the heat there were actual flowers blooming all around me. The smell of exhaust fumes hung in the air even though there was not one car to be seen.

As I wandered I came upon a homeless looking person sitting on the floor polishing coins. Later I found out that she actually happened to be the queen of Napokania.