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Carsten 'Erobique' Meyer releases his second album "No. 2". It's almost a silver wedding anniversary with himself, because his debut "Erosound" came out exactly 25 years ago. Since then, he's been a jack of all trades in countless projects as a songwriter and composer, as well as active in film / television and in the theater. "No. 2" sounds like a lot of joy and freedom. Somewhere between Italodisco, groove, indie (pop), R'n'B, funk, the album is definitely made for the dance floor. 13 tracks with great guest vocals from Sophia Kennedy & Nicola Rost, among others. Released as a CD and double vinyl on A Sexy Records. Vacation. Not just in Italy. A backpacking trip through Australia, a campfire in the allotment garden. In the car with friends through the heath or just a quick vacation in your head, during a rainy lunch break or with a glass of spritzer on the balcony. And that includes music! Welcome to Erobique's second album: "No.2". In 1998, Meyer released his debut album "Erosound" under the name "Erobique". Exactly 25 years later, the now 50-year-old is releasing his second album. 13 varied tracks and songs ranging from holiday disco to rhythm box rave, recorded and produced with many of his friends/companions. Drummer Lucas Kochbeck (The KBCs, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band) and Christoph M. Kaiser (bassist with Jeremy Days, now film music and pop strategist) laid the groove foundation with glowing tiles, like in Trinity, Hamburg's legendary 80s disco. Sophia Kennedy came over from the neighboring studio to sing and Lieven Brunckhorst brought the entire brass section from Jan Delay's Big Band Disco No1 to the microphone. An extremely harmonious album that sounds like it was made from one piece.