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ERIC COPELAND - Spiral Stairs LP

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Eric Copeland is a NYC- based experimental musician and a core member of Black Dice. Eric is also one-half Terrestrial Tones duo, finding Animal Collective's Avey Tare on the other end of that project.

Copeland continues on his path of deconstruction forming tracks of scrapped samples, damaged loops, and controlled chaos. On the new album Spiral Stairs, Eric Copeland offers seven avant-pop tracks packed with playful sequences, groovy bass lines, and catchy voiceovers. The compositions are full of multiple layers of sample collages, frequently shifting from one variation to another but far from being messy, rather suggesting the tidy logic of DJ and dancer-friendly songs. Somehow Copeland manages to pull through with his demented pop sensibilities crawling up from the muck and spawling out on the beach to catch a tan. Spiral Stairs is as addictive as it is confusing with its screwed vocal hooks and demented twang heard throughout. A brilliant mix of riotous and cheerful makes it effortless to stick with it and dance to it.