Life Is A Funny Thing

ERAI - Only Future LP

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With most of the band members being in their 40s, the band itself considers their music a nod to 90s emotive hardcore and 90s diy attitude, embracing open-mindedness, positivity, communal spirit and fun.

After a rather melancholic and regretful look at what’s now over (“Before We Were Wise And Unhappy”), the new EP centers around the idea of allowing oneself an undimmed look towards all that has not yet happened.

Recorded in August 2020 at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg with Roland Wiegner in the most intense heat (middle-European speaking here), the songs draw minor influence from mid90s bands on Gravity Records, Indian Summer, Policy of 3, Chino Horde and add some more recent post-hardcore vibes (aka guitar delay).