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ENCORE FOU - Il Numero Undici (Remaster 2022) LP

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A forgotten classic of Italian hardcore punk, which in December 2000 symbolically closed the exciting and still partially obscure season of the purest and do-it-yourself nineties.
His howled blend of emo, metal, crust, sarcasm and desperation still resonates spontaneously and powerfully today. Very Canadian, for those who handle codes and sub-genres of those years, and keep the complete HeartattaCk collection at their parents' house. Very raw, violent, impetuous and humane, evidently created by outsiders without much positional concern, for others.
Revered by a few but determined followers, Il numero eleven returns for the first time on vinyl, remastered and with new graphics, and with a 16-page color booklet full of photos, period posters and lyrics. For the same Shove Records that released it almost 22 years ago, and that celebrates 100 releases with this reissue.