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EMBRUJO ‎– Embrujo LP

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The band KISSING SPELL changed name to EMBRUJO in early 1970 due the fact of the political climate in Chile in the because it was less than ideal for a band with an english name. EMBRUJO is the Spanish translation of the word Spell (bewitched). So Embrujo is the same band as Kissing Spell and the album came out on Arena Records in 1971. Among the great albums from Chile like Blops, Aguaturbia, Los Jaivas and Escombros, this album is just amazing, just like their first. Beautiful compositions and instrumentation, very well played, strong vocals and poetic lyrics, we would vote this album as one of the best from whole South America. Chile seems to be 'the county' for extraordinary pop and underground songs going right into the heart. What a shame after 1973 until 1990 (Pinochet dictatorship ) no more bands could work anymore. We are missing a lot of great future albums by those bands..