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ELEPHANT - Allured / Actors 7"

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Having subtly seduced us all with their debut single, Ants, London based duo ELEPHANT return with their second seven inch offering on Memphis Industries. French-by-way-of-Pontefract chanteuse AMELIA RIVAS met CHRISTIAN PINCHBECK back in May 2010, since when they’ve been quietly creating some hauntingly fragile songs with a sense of mystery and history that belies their teenage years. So side A, “Allured” strips away layers, to produce a pure expression of the confusion of love (and lust). Amelia’s disjointed lyricism speaks of anatomy and of carousels, hinting at both the poetics and mechanics of unrequited desire. And on the AA side “Actors,” Elephant explore the tension of attention, both the craving to be noticed and the desire to melt away into the crowd. Elephant are Amelia Rivas (vocals, keys) and Christian Pinchbeck (guitars, computers) and they are currently putting the finishing touches to a forthcoming EP due out in Autumn of this year.