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Elektro Nova/Electro Nova is re-mastered from the original tapes by Helge Sten. This is the complete output by Elektro Nova/Electro Nova.

In 1998, when Smalltown Supersound had been around 5 years (only as a bedroom operation putting out cassettes and some vinyl singles), I got contacted by a fellow Norwegian called Kåre Dehlie Thorstad who asked if I wanted to put out some music by him under the name Elektro Nova/Electro Nova. He explained that the music was his exam in photography at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Instead of delivering a photo for his exam he delivered a record. Or a double album (2XCDs) and a 10” vinyl to be precise. I found this to be very strange, but when I heard the music it all made sense. The music was mixed and mastered by Helge Sten (aka Deathprod). Sten was an early admirer of Thorstad’s music and he regards the album to be one of the most important and best albums to ever come out of Norway.

I loved what I heard and I agreed to release it. 160 minutes of music. With a 72 minutes long opening track! 7 tracks in total (he later also made one more track for a compilation that Smalltown Supersound put together called Le Jazz Non - a compilation of Norwegian noise)

He was booked to play concerts at Oslo’s best clubs So What! and Blå (with Biosphere), plus a gig in Bergen.

And that was it.

He recorded 8 tracks in total - 2 hours and 42 minutes - and played 4 concerts. Then I didn’t see or hear anything more from him. I heard a rumour that he had become a semi-professional cyclist.