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ELECTROLYTES make you dance in the square. In the Bermuda Triangle between the indie disco dance floor, fuzz garage and club stage, the ten stars of their debut album rise and leave you burning up. Synthwave cascades with ultra-pop melodies that sometimes slip into a minor key, but still bask on the sunny side, meet guitar riffs that simply etch themselves into the long-term memory. The Dresden quartet brings together busy musicians from well-known projects (Nowaves, Tokamak Reaktor, Adrats, Anarya) to break out of the melancholy comfort zone without slipping into feel-good entertainment. Bassist Sanni pulls out all the stops with her singing, from chilly to exuberant, giving the tracks a charismatic finish. In addition to absolute smashers, the speed of some numbers is also often reduced - perfect for that very special time on the dance floor when dawn approaches and the last wafts of dry ice fog gently envelop you.