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In a time when the death cult of this capitalism-thingamabob becomes even more obvious, a great amount of cloud-rap-autotune to become Chancellor is missing. But, hey, I`m still in love with large parts of that punk rock. And a band that makes the word "solidarity" one of the main themes of their album these days ("Grandpa, you’re repeating yourself.”) without being embarrassing earns a place in my heart.

That is, if the band hadn’t had it already anyway:

At El Mariachi concerts, you might see people in the first row ("never seen that at punk concerts") in Get Up Kids shirts next to a determined Slime shirt. I saw El Mariachi twice at the end of 2018, after their final show at the time, in 1848 in front of the Paulskirche. And I still had the feeling everyone was decently (!) going bananas, without suddenly finding myself in a room full of assholes. A rare feeling. Chapeau. It was loud, it was noisy, and yet there was always something to bring about an amorous smile. It was too hot, and yes, it was also a bit beery, people were having fun, and I’m thirsting so much for the next time....