EGO DEPTHS - Dýrtangle CD

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Dýrtangle is a name that comes from an imaginary world, and being a play of words, cannot be correctly interpreted with them. However, dýr means “a beast” in Old Norse language, and tangle with its English roots sends us to “entanglement”. So literally it means “in the rough embrace of the beast”, but this translation does not do justice to the meaning. Some similar notes may be found in the coming of Indian Buddhism to Tibet, transforming the “beasts” or so-called “evil, wrathful deities” into the guardians of the new fused Tibetan Buddhism. 
On this album, Ego Depths may be speaking to hungry and evil spirits, negotiating the aspects of life and debating its laws and principles. 
Apart from the traditional instruments like guitar, bass and drums, the project involves different styles of vocals including growl, scream, whispers and clean tone, but he also tries to employ throat singing. By introducing chanting into the overall extreme funeral doom metal ambience, beside the growls, Stigmatheist meant to create something new — something that had not been explored before. His main policy in this case is that it is better to fail at creating something original than succeed at imitating something that existed before .