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Recorded between February 1996 and 2009 in Syracuse, New York, Chicago, Illinois, and Greenville, South Carolina. An alternate version of Salt Curse of the Onandaga originally appeared on the self-titled release published by Feed & Seed Records.

Violinist and steel guitarist Ed Yazijian aka Dr E'weerd Yijji has played the Lee Underwood to Dredd Foole's Tim Buckley for past few decades with barely a thought to the contours of his own musical soul. For anyone expecting 'simply' a series of solo violin and guitar readings, Six Ways To Avoid The Evil Eye(his first solo lp) will come as a real curveball, as the central orbit around which most of these tracks swing is mostly based in rhythmic/percussive ritual in a way that more immediately brings to mind the rain of stones that defines much of the Angus MacLise back catalog. There's a heavy, devotional air to much of the activity that speaks of personal trance as eloquently as the works of Alice Coltrane, albeit transposed to a much more punk primitive palette of hand-drums, bows and traditional acoustic drones." – David Keenan, The Wire