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ED ASKEW - 2020 LP

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300 copies: 75 green and 225 black.
cover art: Christian DeFilippo

Ed Askew has been in NYC for 30 years. A few years ago he moved from Washington Heights in Manhattan to Ridgewood in Queens. And starting next month, he will be in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

During all this time, Ed developed a home recording method which is very nuanced and at the same time concise. Ed’s harpsichord, tiple, synth and a muscular use of Pro Tools all play a role. His lyrics are on a whole new level; and his voice is his own. 2020 Seven Songs is his most recent home recording and the first one made this year.

“Starting in January, “coffee in the afternoon, chocolate cake and copper
pennies” -- the album begins by looking forward to less difficult times, warm
weather and days at the beach.

2020 is an experimental piece that talks about young bands and continues an optimistic thread.

Make a Wish evokes a certain reconciliation with lost love. You’ve experienced this. We are in February.

In March, I am holed up in my apartment. I make another song; watch TV
and contemplate the passing time, romance, and make some small paintings.

144 is a short piano piece, I play it on my classic Alesis synth.