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DYLAN CARLSON & LORI GOLDSTON - Feral Angel LP (blue vinyl)

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“Feral Angel” is dedicated to the memory of our friend Geneviève Castrée. It was performed live by electric guitarist Dylan Carlson, founder of the band Earth, and Lori Goldston playing amplified cello.

"The songs are densely packed with resonance and friendship and love and grief. They are fierce and sweet and light and heavy like our pal.

"The idea of a memorial concert came as an epiphany after playing a solo show in Toulouse. Paulin Dardel, a book maker and printer, had reached out about translating a French I’d done with Geneviève for Yeti; he was smitten with her work. A couple of weeks later, there at a DIY show in his print shop with his friends, I was overcome by a wave of understanding about the parts of us that swirl around in this world after we leave. I wanted a way to amplify that for Geneviève and could feel the music clearly.

"Geneviève was an excellent, hard working, and celebrated visual artist and musician. The front cover is one of her pen nib cleaning sheets, slyly salvaged from the trash by her husband Phil Elverum. We are really grateful to him for his generous offer for us to use it.

"The back cover is a painting by Jean Smith, singer in the beloved band Mecca Normal and renowned for her ongoing project of creating and selling paintings daily to raise money for the purchase of land for an artist residency."