Stoned To Death

DWLVS (Dire Wolves) - s/t 7"

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“The past few virulent years have been rough on Theee DWLVS Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band. Already a multi-coastal outfit, flying-in to meet up for festivals, live dates, recording and auditory communing … not only did travel restrictions and forced isolation put all that on ice, but a core performer immigrated to Europe as well. And DWLVS is a sensory in-the-moment exploratory affair, vertical listening, instant compositions, the sort of thing that simply cannot manifest long distance. Another core member ended up the East Coast, unable to crack the cliquey so-called Brotherly Love scene, further isolated. But those golden memories of spontaneous sounds from a Bernal bunker, reverberating through Precita Park, Oakland, La Honda, Bolinas remain, like a prophet on the burning shore, unfettered, alive. Amazingly, the rag tag group of freaks in Prague collectively known as Stoned To Death, have turned out to be a talisman for these voices, releasing Knee Deep In The Buchla back when everyone was still washing their groceries. We built this city on VCO !! And now with a shining beacon of future incarnations, we are treated to this brand new DWLVS 7” vinyl. Standing on the beach, the sea will part before me. This is primal DWLVS, recorded in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Amsterdam. Breathe deep, there’s more to come as the ice slowly melts and the DWLVS thaw ... ”

- Glen Burnout, July 2022