DUNES - old souls 7"

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DUNES is an LA-based trio, who bend timeless, ornate darkness into new and forlorn forms. The three artists have deconstructed the classic instrumental set up and rebuilt from the drums up, creating tools for their own dreamy vision of pop. Their inspiration forms itself in themes from outside forces to inner balance. Though serious in musical intentions, they do bring a fun and kinetic element to their live performances. Roommates and bandmates but mostly just friends, Dunes keeps it cozy in their home, serenading their neighbors and drawing inspiration from their living room walls. You can hear them on the streets. Produced and recorded by BOBB BRUNO of BEST COAST, the record reflects Dunes' echoed-out style that's gained them recent critical acclaim, as they're quickly becoming one of the most talked about new artists online. Pressed in an edition of 500 vinyl records, Old Souls features all exclusive unreleased tracks.