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DROSOFILE - Mal / Your roberts 7"

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Debut single of this franco-american band formed by Will Foster (Guinea Worms) and Nicolas Murer (Mulan Serrico). 2 intense and noisy songs fueled by the everyday void. Both songs were originally released on a limited-edition tape album by Stochastic Releases.

Here's what Kimberly from the Gilded Gutter Blog wrote about it: "Guitars set to a pace of drudgery and ritualistic rhythms escalate alongside indecipherable spluttered vocals are at the core of Drosofile's single 'Mal'. This noise piece is; French man Nicolas Murer (Mulan Serrico) and America's Will Foster (Guinea Worms). A duo who, could have possibly found common ground sharing a few Brainbombs records in their collections. In a vacuum of paranoia this single summons an out of body experience with its banausic currents of siren guitars played beside metronomic beats which curiously ascend to nowhere. A really exciting new project with an equally brilliant video to match."