DOOMDOGS - Unleash The Truth DLP

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Okay, track number two starts off with beautifully dated mellotron waves, so for a brief moment one may almost suspect our doomed brothers from Gothenburg Sweden to have dropped their doom/stoner pants and leave behind the heaviness and sheer LOUDness of their debut released eighteen months ago on DOOMENTIA..... But NO, not only have the mighty Dogs lost none of their earth-shattering grooves and Iommi sponsored riffing wizardry, but as it turns out `Unleash The Truth` will show all the naysayers that there`s way more to be found underneath those gritty rockers` sweat than just another Sabbath worshipping band. True, they did record a cover of their heroes for this second full-length, but instead of the obvious choice - `what about an umpteenth version of War Pigs for instance?` - they went for the lesser known `A National Acrobat` (off Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) whose crossover nature proves quite a template for them to follow. Because even though this new Doomdogs album was recorded on 24 track 2 inche tape in the same analogue-only studio as their self-titled debut and still embraces stoner, metal and sludge - it now adds loans from good ol` boogie blues stompin` rock`n`roll as well as retro prog! The earth-crushing intro of the track `Welcome To The Future` alone will knock your socks off! So this thirteen tracks and 65+ minutes monster is like a turbocharged version of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS (before they turned into Mike Amott`s little vanity project) mixed with KING CRIMSON`s most pastoral moments and CROWBAR when in full 70s rock mode. Doesn`t make sense? Believe us, it sure will the moment you hear `Unleash The Truth` for the first time. Need some more convincing? What about Victor Griffin then? PENTAGRAM and PLACE OF SKULLS already immortal six-stringer whose extensive soloing on the aforementioned Sabbath rendition makes it even more perfect to conclude the incredible ride that is `Unleash The Truth`. So get ready... cause the mighty Dogs are back... unleashed and hungry for more!